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Illinois Real Estate: Continuing Education

Broker Management Continuing Education
(2-day classes in the Chicago-area)
Managing Broker licensees are required to complete an interactive 12-hour Broker Management Continuing Education (BMCE) course for renewal.
  • Quickly complete BMCE in two full days.
  • Pre-register for the class that you'd like to attend (space is limited).
  • Sponsored lunches provided at every class.  

Our two-day classes are led by professional instructors with on-the-ground real estate experience. This course will apply the law to real-life situations you are likely to experience in your practice.

In this engaging course, you will learn:
  • how to protect your earnings in a highly regulated business environment
  • how recent amendments to the license law affect you
  • current trends and duties of licensees representing buyers and sellers
  • how to implement sound real estate business practices
  • how to create, manage and enforce office policies
  • what managing brokers (including those who are self-sponsored) need to know to be in compliance

After attending the entire 12-hour course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion and the corresponding course credit will be reported to the state.

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12 Hour(s) Continuing Education
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  1. You may enroll in this 12-hour course. However, in order to renew your Managing Broker license in Illinois, you must complete a total of 24 credit hours of continuing education. Our All-in-One CE Package includes your entire requirement: 12-hour Broker Management CE plus 12 credit hours of core/elective CE.
  2. If you can't find a convenient date or class location, attend online from anywhere with our Flex Webinar.
  3. Attorneys who are currently registered to practice in Illinois are exempt from this requirement.
  4. Licensees who completed the Managing Broker pre-license course during the current license renewal period are only required to complete core/elective CE.

Mandatory Regulatory Fee(s):

The regulatory agency to which we report your course completion(s) may require a credit reporting or other processing fee. Fees are often calculated per-course or per-credit-hour.

Students are required to pay any state-mandated fees in addition to our course tuition.

We do not add any other shipping, processing, or hidden fees.

  • All Managing Broker licensees are required to complete this course. This includes licensees who are currently sponsored by another Managing Broker.

    Note: Licensees who completed the 45-hour pre-license course during the current license renewal period are only required to complete core/elective CE before renewing their first renewal as a Managing Broker licensee.
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