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Real Estate Exam Preparation

Exam Ready: Intensive Math Review
(Live Class or Webinar)

It’s common to have math anxiety if you are getting ready to take the state real estate licensing exam. All of those formulas and calculations can be intimidating.

Real Estate Institute’s Exam Ready: Intensive Math Review will help you overcome your fears. This program was created by real estate experts to help reinforce the most important real estate math concepts that you must understand before attempting the state exam. This 90-minute instructor-led live review covers key items from the state’s exam outline.*


This program will provide you with a comprehensive review of the following Real Estate Math Calculations:
  • Compensation, Commissions and Fees
  • Valuation
  • Net To Seller and Cost To Buyer (credits & debits)
  • Tax and Other Prorations
  • Amortization
  • Points
  • Prepayment Penalties
  • Loan-to-Value Ratios
  • Measurements (e.g., square footage, acreage, volume)


This comprehensive program includes the following:
  1. Instructor-Led 90-Minute Intensive Live Class or Webinar: Our interactive program allows you to go through practice problems in class, ask questions and get immediate instructor feedback.
  2. Comprehensive Reference Materials: You will receive an electronic copy of the instructor's presentation, which you may review (and print).
  3. Online Practice Quizzes: Your student portal provides you with access to practice quizzes. Our online assessment system offers instant grading and review of your quizzes (with explanations for each question).
  4. Final Exam Prep: Upon completion of your review course, you may access a simulated state examination which includes math-specific questions.
  5. Frequent Updates: Content is regularly revised to keep pace with regulatory changes.
  6. Exam Ready Success Guarantee: We’re so confident that you’ll pass your state exam that we will allow you to retake the Exam Ready - Intensive Math Review at no cost in the rare case that you don’t pass.


You have two options to participate in our instructor-led live program:
  1. Log in online to our live-streamed webinar.
  2. Attend our class in-person in the Chicago suburbs.

As a webinar attendee, you can ask the instructor questions and interact with the other students just like classroom attendees, but from the comfort of your home or office. It’s the closest thing to being in class, but more convenient! You can even attend and participate using an app that’s available for most mobile devices.

After you enroll, you can get started right away. Access the online practice quizzes to pinpoint where you need the most help. You’ll receive instant score reporting with explanations to all of the questions.

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You may attend the webinar from your computer or mobile device. The webinar does not require a webcam or special computer equipment. Click here to test your computer. See the mobile tech specs for a list of compatible devices.

* This Math review class has content that is applicable to various states. However the course has been developed for those states that specifically utilize Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) for their state test administration. These states include Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming.

Mandatory Regulatory Fee(s):

The regulatory agency to which we report your course completion(s) may require a credit reporting or other processing fee. Fees are often calculated per-course or per-credit-hour.

Students are required to pay any state-mandated fees in addition to our course tuition.

We do not add any other shipping, processing, or hidden fees.

  • Students who completed Broker pre-license education (or a portion of it) with a school other than Real Estate Institute and do not feel fully prepared to pass the state exam.

  • Students who completed Broker pre-license education more than 3 months ago.

  • Students who failed their first attempt at the state exam and feel that they need to be better prepared to retake the exam.

  • Students who want a refresher course to prepare them to pass the state exam.

  • Students who want to learn additional test-taking skills, gain confidence or would like a better understating of the state exam.
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