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Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Information  -  Please Read
Updated Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 4:15 p.m. (central)

As the world grapples with the enormous economic and human impact of coronavirus, our hearts go out to all those affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.  At Real Estate Institute, we care deeply about the health and safety of our customers, colleagues, and members of our community. 

What State Regulators Are Doing

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The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has announced that all professional licenses with expirations between today and July 31, 2020 are now extended through September 30, 2020. Similarly, the deadline for completion of post-license and/or continuing education is also extended through September 30, 2020. For real estate licensees, this change impacts Brokers (formerly 4/30/2020) and Residential Leasing Agents (formerly 7/31/2020).

Real estate pre-license students:  Illinois' vendor for the state licensing exam, PSI/AMP, has closed their testing centers.  We strongly encourage you view information posted at their website, including a list locations and dates when they hope to re-open.  Please contact PSI/AMP directly with any questions regarding the scheduling or rescheduling of upcoming licensing exams.

Thus far, there has been no announcement from the Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) about license extensions.

Thus far, there has been no announcement from the Illinois MCLE Board about extensions of the two-year reporting period for Continuing Legal Education.

The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) has suspended administration mortgage licensure examinations for license candidates. Effective March 18, all Prometric test centers in the U.S. and Canada will be closed for 30 days. Additional details can be found on their NMLS COVID-19 Response Page.

What We're Doing

Real Estate Institute understands the importance and urgency of actions that everyone must take to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  We are complying with Illinois' "stay at home" order.

In-Person Classes

We have cancelled all upcoming in-person classes.  This includes classes at all of our facilities and off-site locations (hotels, client offices, etc.).  Schedule changes will be in effect through at least Friday, April 30. 

To limit the impact of this change, nearly every class will transition to a live webinar at the same time in which it was originally scheduled to take place.  This will allow most students to complete their education from the comfort and safety of their home, and avoid any potential impact on their employment or license renewal.  No special equipment, such as a camera or microphone, is required to attend.

Alternatively, students may choose to reschedule to a future date or transfer to an equivalent online or self-paced program.  We have added additional in-person classes in the future, so students may enroll now for future class dates. 

Our staff has personally reached out to all affected students by phone and e-mail to coordinate the necessary changes.  If you have not yet rescheduled or have any questions we encourage you to contact us.  

Proctored Examinations

Rest assured that we recognize the importance of timely exam administration and course completion.  We are taking reasonable steps to accommodate all of our students. 

Real estate pre-license students may now take their proctored final examinations remotely from the comfort and safety of their home.  Information on this remote option and technical requirements can be reviewed here.  Students that wish to take advantage of this option can log into their Student Portal and schedule their examination.  Note: if you’re scheduling an exam re-take (not your first attempt), you may not see the option to schedule online, but you may contact us for assistance..

Our Facilities

Effective March 20all Real Estate Institute facilities are closed to students, staff, instructors and vendors.  Continue to check this page for updates surrounding the reopening of our offices.

Our Staff

We recognize that many of our customers are counting on us to provide uninterrupted training programs which may be required for employment or license renewal.  To that end, our team continues to be available for student registration and academic support. We will continue to promptly report course completions to regulators and provide certificates/transcripts by e-mail.

All of our staff continues to deliver services while working from home.  We remain available to support our students and prospective students.  

All self-study and online courses continue to be available and supported without interruption.  In fact, we have extended our call center hours through 7:00 p.m. (central) from Monday - Thursday, to ensure that students attending evening webinars can reach our team for support, as needed.


We are continuing to fulfill requests for printed materials, but shipping may be delayed by a few days. Nearly all of our programs that include printed materials also include an online/digital equivalent, which may be accessed in our student portal.

What Should You Do Now

If you're not yet enrolled, we encourage you to do so by phone or online.  There is no need to visit us in-person.  We have made temporary changes to our school policies to ensure hassle-free rescheduling and transfers, should you need to make changes.

If you had enrolled in a program that requires you to attend a class or exam in-person during the next 30 days, we have contacted you regarding the transition to an online equivalent or coordinate your transfer to a future in-person event.  If you have any questions or need any support we encourage you to contact us.

If you're currently enrolled in a self-study or online program (including live webinars), no changes are planned. 

Updates & Communication

We will frequently update this page, so check back here for updates.

Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.