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Exam Ready: Intensive National Review

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Are you planning to become a licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesperson? Have you been struggling to pass the National portion of the state exam? If so, we can help. You are almost there!

Real Estate Institute’s Exam Ready: Intensive National Review is the right program for you. This live review was created by real estate experts to help you pass the National portion of the licensing exam. Our program covers essential exam concepts and directly follows the exam outline.*

This program will provide you with a comprehensive review of the following:

  • Agency Relationships and Contracts
  • Real Property Ownership/Interest
  • Finance
  • Marketing Regulations
  • Property Management

About This Course

This comprehensive program includes the following:

  1. Instructor-Led 3-Hour Intensive Live Class or Webinar: Our interactive program allows you to ask questions and get immediate instructor feedback.
  2. Comprehensive Reference Materials: You will receive an electronic copy of the instructor's presentation, which you may review (and print).
  3. Online Practice Quizzes: Your student portal provides you with access to a series of practice quizzes. Our online assessment system offers instant grading and review of your quizzes (with explanations for each question).
  4. Final Exam Prep: Upon completion of your review course, you may access a simulated state examination consisting of 100 questions focused on the national subject matter.
  5. Frequent Updates: Content is regularly revised to keep pace with regulatory changes.
  6. Exam Ready Success Guarantee: We’re so confident that you’ll pass your state exam that we allow you to retake the Exam Ready - National program at no cost in the rare case that you don’t pass.

You have two options to participate in our instructor-led live program:

  1. Log in online to our live-streamed webinar.
  2. Attend our class in-person in the Chicago suburbs.

As a webinar attendee, you can ask the instructor questions and interact with the other students just like classroom attendees, but from the comfort of your home or office. It’s the closest thing to being in class, but more convenient! You can even attend and participate using an app that’s available for most mobile devices.

After you enroll, you can get started right away. Access the online practice quizzes to pinpoint where you need the most help. You’ll receive instant score reporting with explanations to all of the questions.


You may attend the webinar from your computer or mobile device. The webinar does not require a webcam or special computer equipment. Click here to test your computer. See the mobile tech specs for a list of compatible devices.

* This National review class has content that is applicable to various states. However, the course has been developed for those states that specifically utilize Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) for their state test administration. These states include Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this license type and program:

View FAQs
IL Real Estate Pre-License

Is Real Estate Institute approved by the IDFPR as a pre-license school?

Yes. Real Estate Institute is an approved pre-license school (#510.000158). We offer courses that are required as prerequisites for the Leasing Agent, Broker, and Managing Broker licensing examinations.

What's the best way to determine which real estate license I should consider?

We recommend that you review our license comparison. We have designed well organized, high quality programs for each Illinois real estate license type. Pleae see below for additional FAQs for each license type.

What makes your school different from the others?

Our quality programs, dedicated and knowledgable instructors,, and outstanding service set our school apart. When you successfully complete our course, you will have all the knowledge you need to pass the state examination. Quizzes for each homework lesson allow students to see how they are doing as they progress through the course. Along with the reinforcing tools included with our programs, qualified instructors are available to provide additional assistance. Real Estate Institute offers students all these additional resources for one simple reason: we want you to pass the state examination!

Is Real Estate Institute owned by a real estate brokerage company?

No. We are an independent school, licensed and approved by the State, as is our coursework. We are not here to recruit you into the real estate business. We are here to help students obtain or meet their real estate education requirements.

Must I be a citizen of the United States or Illinois to hold a Real Estate License in Illinois?

No. To hold an Illinois real estate license, the state requires that you meet the age and education requirements, have a Social security number, and be of good moral character.

Where can I find more information about Illinois real estate licensing?

You will find a wealth of information throughout our website and frequently asked questions. Additional information may be available directly at Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation's website.

Does Illinois offer license reciprocity with any other states?

Illinois offers Reciprocity if you are already licensed in some other states. Please view these details at the IDFPR website and contact the IDFPR to discuss your specific licensing requirements. IDFPR-approved coursework and examinations may still be required for you to earn a license in Illinois.

Does your school offer financial aid or can I pay the course tuition over time?

We have partnered with Affirm, who offers financing options that enable our students to enroll today and pay later. This extends our traditional payment options, such as credit/debit cards and cash.

Click here to learn more.

IL Real Estate Pre-License - Broker

Who is required to hold a Broker license?

Individuals who represent prospects and owners in the sale, exchange, management, and leasing of residential, commercial, and industrial properties as well as farm and vacant land are required to hold a license.

Has there been a change to the pre-license education requirements for an entry level licensee?

Yes. Illinois license law was updated in 2010. Changes to the pre-license education requirements became effective on May 1, 2011.

In the past, new licensees were required to complete the 45 credit-hour Real Estate Transactions course and apply to be licensed as a Salesperson. The state of Illinois is no longer issuing new Salesperson licenses. Instead, entry-level licensees should complete coursework required to become a real estate broker. New licensees are now required to complete a 90 credit-hour program that must include 15 hours of classroom or classroom-equivalent (webinar) education. Individuals completing this course of study will apply to become licensed as a Broker.

Why would I choose the Broker license over the Leasing Agent license?

Individuals who hold a Leasing Agent license are restricted to performing leasing activities for residential properties. Indiviuals who hold a Broker license may perform activities related to the leasing or sale of any type of property including residential, commercial, industrial, etc.

What are the education requirements to earn an Illinois Broker license?

Individuals seeking to obtain a real estate broker license are required to complete a total of 90 credit hours of pre-license education. The 75 credit-hour pre-license course must be completed before attending the 15 credit-hour interactive course. In addition, new licensees will be required to complete a 30 credit-hour post-license course before their first license renewal.

Are attorneys exempt from the education requirements?

Yes. Applicants who are currently admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of Illinois and are currently in active standing are exempt from the education requirements. However, these individuals are still required to pass the state examination.

What is the difference between a Broker license and Managing Broker license?

All individuals seeking to become a real estate licensee in Illinois for the first time (other than those dealing only with the leasing of residential real estate) must apply for a broker license. After holding a Broker license for at least two years, licensees may elect to complete additional education and apply for a Managing Broker license. Managing Brokers are permitted to perform all of the same activities as a Broker, but may also choose to sponsor their own license or those of other licensees (Leasing Agents, Brokers, and Managing Brokes).

Does Real Estate Institute offer a state-approved pre-license course for Brokers?

Yes. We offer individual courses and discount packages that satisfy the state requirements and are designed to prepare new licensees for the state exam.  Click here for our program catalog.

Can I complete all of the coursework online via self-study?

The state does not permit purely self-study programs. A significant portion of the pre-license courswork may be completed via self-study, but all students are required to complete a 15 credit-hour interactive coursethat is available via live classroom or webinar delivery. This course is included with all of our complete Broker pre-license programs.

I tend to learn better in a structured, classroom environment. Do you offer a live class for the Broker education requirement?

All Broker license candidates are required to attend at least 15 hours of live, instructor-led training.

Real Estate Institute offers three convenient programs, to meet your individual learning neees. You can satisfy your entire 90 credit-hour Illinois pre-license education requirement by either completing our Flex Path, Directed-Track or Fast-Track programs.

Our Directed-Track classroom program provides students with additional structure and support to guide you through the course at a moderate pace. Click for more information on the Directed-Track program.

Our Fast-Track classroom program also provides additional structure and support, but moves at a much faster pace, allowing you to navigate all of curriculum in less than three weeks! Click for more information on the Fast-Track program.

When and where are classes offered for the 15 credit-hour interactive course?

You may view our schedule of upcoming classes by clicking here.

How soon after enrolling in the Broker program will I receive my course materials?

Upon enrollment, students will have immediate access to course materials online. Additionally, we will ship printed copies of materials within one business day via First-Class Priority Mail. You may also pick up course materials at our office. Please call if you wish to arrange for expedited shipping (such as FedEx) for an additional fee.

What if I don't pass a quiz or exam that is part of the program?

In general our programs are designed to aide students who are having any difficulties in our programs. A retake quiz or exam is part of most courses. Please call us or see the course instructions provided with your course materials for specific course requirements.

Do your courses include instructor assistance?

Yes. This is an area where our school really stands out. Students in our real estate pre-license programs are strongly encouraged to call for one-on-one instructor assistance throughout the program. This one-on-one support is available to all students, including those who attend our classroom programs. We're committed to each student's success!

Will I need to purchase an additional "exam prep" course if I enroll in your pre-license program?

No. Our programs include all of the 'tools' that you need to successfully complete the education requirements and prepare to pass the state examination. For those students who completed programs elsewhere and seek an intensive review to prepare for their state examination, we offer Exam Ready review courses.

How difficult is it to find work after I receive my license?

Usually, not difficult at all. You will find that most brokerage firms are always looking for new agents.

How long will it take before I start making money in real estate?

Beginning a career in real estate is more like opening your own business than starting a job. It will take time for you to begin generating the income you desire, and everyone's timetable will be different. In the long run, though, financial gain is usually only limited by an agent's willingness to work and desire to succeed.

Is the Illinois Broker license also valid in other states?

Each state has its own license requirements. Contact the state in which you are interested in being licensed. On occasion, a state may accept some of your real estate education from Illinois.

Do I need to be sponsored by a company or Managing Broker in order to start the class, take the examination, or obtain a license?

No. A sponsor is not required until after you have passed the exam and applied for a license. Leasing Agent and Broker licensees must have a Managing Broker sponsor to activate their license. A Managing Broker licensee may sponsor him or herself, or may be sponsored by another Managing Broker.

Once I have the license, how often does it need to be renewed?

Real estate licensees have a two-year renewal cycle. Broker licenses expire April 30th of the even years; Managing Broker licenses expire April 30th of the odd years. Both of these licenses require continuing education for renewal.

I currently hold an active real estate license in a state that has a reciprocity agreement with Illinois. What are the education requirements for me to get an Illinois license?

Currently Illinois has reciprocity with a few other states (click here to see the list). Applicants must meet the Illinois reciprocity qualifications in order to receive an Illinois license. Please see the Illinois Reciprocity Application and for additional support, contact the IDFPR at (217) 782-3414.

As a licensee in another state, are there any other requirements for me to consider?

Yes. When applying for your license, a "Certification By Licensing Agency/Board Form" must be filled out by the state in which you currently hold a license. This form can be found within the Applied Measurement Professionals Candidate Handbook.

Where can I take my course final exam?

For students who reside in the Chicagoland area, we offer testing at our school locations. Testing is scheduled by appointment only. Real Estate Institute also works with a network of proctors outside the Chicagoland area (mostly libraries and universities) that can administer your final exam on our behalf. We can accomodate students throughout the country. Please call our school for more information.