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  • 6 Hour(s) Continuing Education
Residential Leasing Agent CE: 6-Hour Core | Online Distance Education

Course Highlights

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Residential Leasing Agent continuing education can be completed anywhere at any time with Online Distance Education. Easily complete this online course, which is broken out into shorter modules that you may complete at our own pace.  No final exam is required for this course.

This course:

  • Satisfies the 6-Hour Core CE curriculum requirement, which must be completed by all Residential Leasing Agents.
  • Includes Sexual Harassment Prevention training, which all Illinois Residential Leasing Agents must complete before renewing their license.
  • Is a modern, easy-to-complete, and informative course that was created just for Illinois real estate professionals.

About This Course

In this engaging course, you will learn the following required topics:

  • License Law – We break down key areas of Real Estate License Act of 2000, which every residential leasing agent is required to understand.
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Residential Leasing Agents – We review general requirements, advertising, and what might trigger disciplinary action from the IDFPR.
  • Agency – What is an "Agency Relationship"?
  • Leasing Agreements and Disclosures – What you must know to protect yourself and your clients.
  • Tenant-Landlord Laws – Which state laws and local ordinances must you consider?
  • Fair Housing – Will you make the news?
  • Advertising – What to do ... and not to do!
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention - Every residential leasing agent is required to complete at this training.  We cover federal and state laws, types of sexual harassment, and what to do if you experience or witness harassment.

After completing this course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion and the corresponding course credit will be reported to the state.



  1. Newly licensed Residential Leasing Agents who are renewing their license for the first time are exempt from the CE requirement.
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this license type and program:

View FAQs
IL Real Estate Continuing Education

Are Real Estate Institute's courses approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)?

Yes. Real Estate Institute offers continuing education programs that are approved by the IDFPR and have been specifically designed to satisfy license renewal requirements.

Will the school report my credit to the IDFPR upon successful completion of my course(s)?

Yes. Real Estate Institute reports all successful course completions to the appropriate regulatory authority. We report electronically (when permitted) to ensure timely and accurate reporting.

What is the school's refund policy?

School policies, including our refund policy can be viewed here.

IL Real Estate Continuing Education - Leasing Agent

Are Residential Leasing Agents required to complete continuing education?

Yes. Residential Leasing Agents licensed by the IDFPR are required to complete six credit-hours of continuing education during each two-year renewal period.  Included must be 1 hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention training.

Real Estate Institute's Leasing CE program does include 1 hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention training.

By what date are Residential Leasing Agents required to complete the continuing education requirement?

Residential Leasing Agents must complete their continuing education and renew their license by July 31st (in even numbered years).

Are there any exemptions to the continuing education requirement for Residential Leasing Agents?

Leasing agents who were licensed during the current renewal period are not required to complete leasing continuing education before renewing. These licensees completed a pre-license course and passed the state exam not too long ago, so they are exempt during their first license renewal. 

However, these licensees must still complete the 1 hour Sexual Harassment Prevention training and renew their license with IDFPR.

Can the continuing education requirement be completed via self-study?

No, as of July 1st, 2019, the IDFPR no longer permits Leasing CE to be completed in a self-study format.  This education must be completed in an interactive format such as class, webinar or online distance education.

Real Estate Institute will offer a simple and convenient online distance education course to satisfy this requirement.

Do you have a list of classes I can choose from?

Rather than ask you to choose from a confusing list of programs, we provide only one course that is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for leasing agents.

Does leasing continuing education require an examination?

No, as of July 1st 2019, Leasing Continuing Education no longer requires a final, proctored exam.

What is online distance education?

Online distance education courses are presented strictly in an online format. Instead of defining your own course of study, you will complete the coures in the sequence specified by the school and your progress will be tracked along the way. The course material is divided into sections or modules of instruction, which are followed by knowledge checks that help ensure you retain and understand the course subject matter. No final exam is required for online distance education courses.

What happens if a Residential Leasing Agent forgets to complete the continuing education requirement and renew the license? Can it be completed late?

Yes, the State of Illinois permits late completion of your continuing education requirement (in conjunction with a late renewal of your license). Just let us know that you're completing "late CE". We'll report your completion to the IDFPR and also provide an embossed copy of your Certificate of Completion that you should include with your late license renewal paperwork and fees (which will be sent to the IDFPR for processing).

What is the school's refund policy?

School policies, including our refund policy can be viewed here.

Real Estate Institute is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
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