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What Our Students Are Saying...

"The most important aspect of your program was reviewing things that should be obvious; it’s good to be reminded of them. Makes you think about little things that could be construed as something different than what you meant - whether it’s in a presentation, an email, etc. Illustrates the need to communicate clearly with clients and underwriters - overall very useful!"

"Real Estate Institute is very easy to work with."
-- Charlene N.

"The instructor is quite knowledgeable, uses factual examples and fun analysis that keeps your attention. This was certainly worth the drive."

"The Ethics program was very interesting and a great three hours spent in class."
-- Louis K.

"I’ve been a Real Estate Institute client for years. I appreciate that you send me the course book when I need it. It’s a great reminder."
-- Scott A.

"Your ethics class was a good reminder of do’s and don’ts. Presenter was interesting, patient and knowledgeable."

Real Estate Institute offers insurance education approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance.
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