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State-Approved Continuing Education for Managing Brokers

What Our Students Are Saying...

"The course was a very nice review, and the webinar was great. No traveling. I found it easy to do on the computer, and yes, I will definitely be back again."

"The instructor was GREAT. He used many real life examples to keep the material interesting. Questions from the group created additional learning opportunities. The instructor is very knowledgeable."

"Outstanding presenter and just the right balance of interaction. I think the delivery has a positive effect on retaining info and motivation. Instructor did an excellent job of explaining material in an interesting fashion. The two days went by quickly."

"The instructor was good because he is also a licensed broker. I feel he could relate to what really happens in the field and with other agents. I am happy I took the class."

"Instructor was organized, clear and thorough, and as an aside he made the class FUN."

"I have been in the business for ages and found I learned several new items which are updates to license law. I would not have found out without this course."

"Very good presentation. (It) brought to mind elements that one forgets over time. (The course) identifies new legal and operational considerations."

"Presentation of program material and explanation allowed participation by classroom participants. I’ll recommend more agents to Real Estate Institute."

"The instructor was great and very informative. Even though I have been licensed for over 44 years, I still learned something new."

"It all was useful to run over the topics under the act as well as the changes made to the act. The instructor was really, really good! He presented the topics very clearly and used humor and anecdotes to help hold our interest."

Real Estate Institute is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
IDFPR Approved #562.000161.