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Illinois Real Estate: Licensing

Course 2 of 2: Managing Broker Pre-License
Applied Management and Supervision
(Live Classroom or Webinar Sessions)

Applied Management and Supervision is presented in multiple live classes. This state-approved course is taught by expert instructors who are also seasoned licensees.

You may enroll in this 15-hour course, however in order to become a licensed real estate managing broker in Illinois, you must complete a total of 45 credit hours of managing broker pre-license education. Save $100 by enrolling in our Complete Managing Broker Pre-License Package.

This modular course allows you to:
  • Reinforce what you learned in the 30-hour managing broker pre-license course with real life scenarios.
  • Practice dealing with real estate brokerage office management.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to deal with the additional challenges faced by managers in serving the public's real property needs.
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15 Hour(s) Pre-License Education
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  1. Applied Management and Supervision is also available as live webinars.
  2. You must complete a total of 45 credit hours of pre-license education in order to become a licensed real estate managing broker in Illinois.
  3. The 30 credit-hour managing broker pre-license course must be completed prior to attending the classes.
  4. If you have not already completed our 30-hour course, enroll in the Complete Managing Broker Pre-License Package, a discounted 45-hour program.

Mandatory Regulatory Fee(s):

The regulatory agency to which we report your course completion(s) may require a credit reporting or other processing fee. Fees are often calculated per-course or per-credit-hour.

Students are required to pay any state-mandated fees in addition to our course tuition.

We do not add any other shipping, processing, or hidden fees.

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