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Illinois Attorney: Continuing Legal Education

What Our Students Are Saying...

"Easy to access (presentation), stop and resume where I left off."
-- Mike R.

"It introduced me to an area of the law of which I was completely unfamiliar. It gives me a working knowledge of the subject so that I can recognize its impact in the future"
-- Barbara W.

"This is the first online MCLE course that I have taken. I was pleasantly surprised by its engaging format.
--Mary C.

"Reviewing the program from the comfort of my office. I was very pleased."
-- Theodore P.

"Very informative and a good refresher." -- Nickolas P.

"Really good to be able to take the course online so that you could pause the presentation and get up and stretch or take a break."
-- Joseph R.

"I had very little knowledge of this topic and was pleased with the depth of the presentation."
-- Ann P.

"The instructor explained requirement elements and exactly what to watch out for."
-- Garland W.

"I thought it was a very comprehensive presentation of the topic. The speaker was extremely well organized and experienced and well-informed. Well done. "

"Excellent presentation. Excellent presenter.
-- Richard W.

"Great information on agencies and history.
-- Jeannie R.

Real Estate Institute is approved by the MCLE Board. Accredited CLE Provider #REI0001.